Bruce Weber

Bruce Weber is a glamour photographer, working on advertising campaigns including stills and short movies. He has worked for the likes of Abercrombie & Fitch, Ralph Lauren, Kelvin Klein and Versace amongst many other high street fashion labels. In an increasingly crowded market of photographers, he has managed to carve out a style that is both unique and timeless.

agnest1He is noted for shooting in film in the age of all things digital with his photos recognizable for being often rendered in candid, low contrast black and white. Another body of his work captures his subjects without much clothing. Needless to say, it has attracted the ire of the somewhat puritanical critics.

bweberbookWeber has released several photobooks, many of these are long out of print and may have even gone through a limited print run and are now auctioned fetching a few hundred dollars a piece.

bweb21Movement seems to be another of Weber’s tricks; being able to nab motion and excitement from a scene that can be imagined playing on in one’s mind long after the shutter has released.

Weber says that his biggest source of inspiration comes from life itself and watching people do the things they love. When critics says his pictures are overtly sexual, he says that he has always thought of love and affection as being important to him and that is what is actually reflected in his work.