White River

DSC_3108In early October of this year, the family and I decided that some much deserved and warranted R&R was in order. The trip almost did not happen but it was put back in place with some adjustments eventually, although with less scope for adventure. We set off from Maputo and headed east first to the city of Nelspruit in South Africa. We then a drove a further 15 kilometers north to a small town called White River with a population of some 16,000. It is largely known for its farming of tropical fruits, macadamia nuts and production of timber. We arrived on a rainy Thursday evening, having driven down a seemingly dark and deserted road. We eventually found our way to the Pine Lake Inn, a hotel that counted us as its sole guests – unfortunately another victim of the sluggish pandemic economy it seems.

A little bit of extra got us a long way at this hotel, our room provided a view to the Longmere Dam – one of 3 dams in the area supplying water to the farms. Further in the distance we could see the cottages of the Pine Lake Resort.

The town of White River and its surrounds are well worth a second visit.