Malkerns - SwazilandSwaziland is a mountainous country of about one million people bordered by Mozambique to its northeast and by South Africa in the north, west and south and was a British protectorate until 1968 when it gained independence. It is geographically one of the smallest countries in Africa; so small that one cannot drive for more than two hours without crossing the country’s borders.

Visiting in July, the landscape was drier as the plants and grass had withered and reduced to a brownish hue however the inherent beauty of its landscape was still evident and visible in these photos. For the visitor much of the delight comes from the panoramic vistas of sweeping mountains, rolling hills and wandering herds of animals.

Malkerns - SwazilandSet between the two major cities of Mbabane and Manzini is the Malkerns Valley, a fertile land where among other things pineapples are grown.

Malkerns - SwazilandAt Malkerns there are a number of arts and crafts shops the most well-known of which is the Swazi Candles – producing of course candles hand-made by local Swazis. Continuing this idea are also shops with baskets, bags and other weaved products working as social enterprises.

Malkerns - Swaziland