Things To Remember

Six To Remember

Hey Geek. Going somewhere? Don’t go anywhere without these.


1. Mag Lite Solitaire. Not much thicker than a pencil and half its size. Uses 1 AAA battery. Perfect for inspecting cabling and electronics.

2. USB 2.0 Flash Drive 512 MB. More than average space for storing data quickly, you never know when you might need to steal passwords.

3. Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. Hey, Macgyver had one. Works for any situation.

4. Ipod with Video. 7500 Songs/30 GB. Don’t let boredom get you. All your tunes and videos in one handy device.

5. Optional. Razor thin, notebook. Carry your work around and always stay connected. VAIO FS.

6. Nokia 6680 3G phone. 1.3 M-Pixel camera with flash. 384 kbps data with 3G connection, connect anywhere, anytime.

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