Thanks to Jean Paul a couple of weeks ago I got to know about this truly impressive application for Mac OS X (Tiger and above) called Cover Flow.

Ever since music became computer based and people began storing music on their PCs or Macs a part of the visual experience of collecting music became lost but now it’s back with this new application that allows you to view your albums by their covers instead of just song titles and album names.

The application has a kind of Front Row feel, perhaps even more simpler than it and inspired by iChat AV. Read the description over here

It’s changed the way I listen to and organize music. In fact, after switching to Mac, my music experience has become somewhat more enjoyable. In the past I used to encode entire albums using the LAME MP3 codec and Exact Audio Copy (Secure Mode). But now, I use the iTunes Music Store to buy only those songs which I really like.

This also makes transferring and organizing music on my iPod a real piece of cake. No more browsing through thousands of tracks because I was too lazy to create playlists.

In terms of audio quality, it’s reasonable but I wish I could have the sound processing Foobar2000 offers (running my other music library) that the iPod + iTunes doesn’t have.

But generally I’m quite excited about this product because it gives us non-Front Row users a chance to enjoy some flexibility as well. This is the kind of stuff this blog likes to see.

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