Keywords and Search/Logic Discovery

Trying to differentiate between the Factors and Benefits is becoming a hard task. I have used the following keywords:

1. e-Procurement Usage
2. Limitations of e-Procurement
3. Challenges of Using e-Procurement
4. Challenges of Supplier Relationship Management

This has led me to reverse-engineer the orginal questions. Instead of blindly looking for ‘Factors Affecting Attainment of Benefits’.

I am considering each of the benefits identified earlier and guessing what (if any) problems/issues/challenges may arise post implementation – that is once the project has begun running.

If these benefits are unattainable it allows us to propose reasons why…hence these reasons will be our factors.

For example, one benefit of e-Procurement usage is ‘Improved Transparency’. If this benefit cannot be realized there must be some reason to it, therefore our search must concern itself with ‘Factors Affecting Transparency in e-Procurement.

This could be a Eureka moment :D

Potential Context/Taxonomies for Factors

Change Management

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