The Place You Call Home

I have written on this blog on and off over the last 13 years as some (any?) might surmise. Often the themes would change and from my own observation they became less about myself.


A man gets to a stage in his life when he wonders, what is his legacy? What has he left behind of the place where he lived and that which should be the bones he is made of. He wants to feel secure and assured that his life has not been in vain, and that someone in the future may come to the same place and discover by chance or by intent all that he has seen and pondered over. Ours is a temporary moment in this world, and when the time comes for a new moment, we shall leave behind all that made us. That same, that will surely make someone else one day.

With those words, I lay the foundation of a new era in the life of this insignificant journal in the vast landscape that is the internet. This is a journey of mine as I re-discover the place that made me, and the place that continues to make me.

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