Zinio Digital Magazines

It’s more feasible to make shorter posts during the vacation, need I say more? But fear not, a nice long and critically sound article should make it’s way on this blog soon.

Meanwhile, I’ve been enjoying the marvels of digital publication services such Zinio which allows you to buy digital versions of regular magazines which are otherwise printed and sold on newstands. It’s much cheaper and I’m detecting that a Zinio version for handhelds (Palm/Windows Mobile) will be released soon so you can read all those magazines on the go.

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  1. I work for Zinio and saw your post about the company. Thanks for mentioning us and for your interest in digital editions. We have no immediate plans to launch a new version of Zinio for handhelds, but are always evaluating smaller devices. We just launched a USB memory stick Reader, however, that works with the new U3 technology. You can now download magazines to a U3-enabled Zinio Reader, plug the device into any PC and instantly read any publications in your Zinio library. For those people that are interested in digital textbooks, (which you can now get at: http://www.zinio.com/?ns=mhhe&rf=blog ), this will be a really handy way to read textbooks whether you are on laptop, dorm PC or your computer back home.

    Thanks again for mentioning us!

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