Semacode + GoogleEarth

Semacode is an interesting standard which ties in with the whole ubiquitous computing theory. It allows you to encode any text into a form of barcode which can be read with Semacode software. I had seen this before but had not tried this myself until today. So I headed to and downloaded the tiny Java application. You can also use the facility online. Then typed some random text and used the corresponding application on my mobile phone, which is a Nokia 6680 (Series 60), to take a rapid shot of the barcode on the screen. Note that you might have trouble doing this on a CRT due to the refresh rate issue which causes scan lines. The application worked fine and it was incredible to see this happening. Now it’s just a matter of using the technology in everyday life.

Google Earth is an amazing application allowing you to view satellite captured images of locations on earth. Last night, I had a random thought on the possibilities of linking GoogleEarth with game software such as Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. But after some searching on Google I found out that someone had beaten me to it or something rather like it. MyFsGoogleEarth allows you to track the position of your aircraft in GoogleEarth. My idea considered the possibility of integrating GoogleEarth’s advancing imaging as part of the Flight Simulator textures on the ground. I don’t forsee Google working with Microsoft but it would certainly be a great idea if Microsoft could use it’s current work (it’s own satellite imaging) with Microsoft Flight Simulator. I haven’t played Flight Simulator since 1998, something like this could get a lot of ordinary people interested.

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